Residents Association Meeting

29th August 2019 at the Highwayman Inn


An excellent first public meeting. Thirty people, along with eleven apologies, meant forty-one responded from Phase 7, both owned and tenanted.  

Introduction of the new Residents Association

The new association was introduced and welcomed by all present, with new members joining. The aim was to be fully inclusive of everyone resident in the area, regardless of owner or tenant status. The Association was not solely concerned with Chamonix and Estate Management, though this was a driver for its formation and a currently pressing issue.

Estate Management

The main business of the evening was to inform residents of the role and structure of their Estate Management Company - Shepton Mallet (Phase 7) Management Company Limited- and its proper relationship with the managing Agent, Chamonix. Options open to residents to both scrutinise expenditure and maintenance contracts in order to get best value for the money, whilst supporting the local economy and maintaining a high quality of service, were discussed.

There was general consensus that quality of service was the priority, and that in order to ensure best value, the appointment of resident representatives (directors) was both necessary and overdue, having been promised by the managing Agent, Chamonix, but not yet delivered. Only then would residents be able to exercise effective scrutiny.

The discussion about the best way to manage the common areas ranged from support for the work done by Chamonix’s contractors, through concern to use more local contractors, to the German model of local people taking responsibility for their areas. Two letters from residents, both supporting Chamonix’s work, but asking for the appointment of resident directors, were read out. 

Two dates for a meeting to walk round the common areas with the managing Agent’s representative, followed by a sit-down discussion, had been offered.  Those present favoured September 16th to take advantage of the lighter evening.

Other Business.

Water Bill rebate.All properties in Phase 7 may be able to obtain a rebate on their water bill because water is not returned to the sewer, but to a large septic tank. A few applications forms were made available, and others can be obtained by telephoning in the water company.

NASS festival.

Considerable local anger had been expressed following traffic gridlock and the behaviour of some young people going to the NASS festival. NASS had arranged a public meeting to offer solutions, and the Council representativve suggested a review of their licence.

Roads.Concern about delays in adopting roads was expressed, and the association was making this an action issue.

Thanks were expressed to all those working hard to make the association work, and to the Manager of The Highwayman Inn for his kind provision of space for the meeting.

SM7RA 30th August 2019