Shepton Mallet Phase 7 Residents Association

Newsletter November 2019


We have made an excellent start since forming in July.  In only four months, around thirty percent of the properties in Phase 7 have joined the association, and a larger number came to the meeting with Chamonix.  This is very encouraging.

But it’s not all about numbers;  working together, we’ve been able to confirm a discount on water bills for residents, started working on the issues of roads and adoptions, arranged a highly successful public meeting about our Chamonix charges, and have gained a promise from Chamonix that we will have our own directors within six months, which means we will be able to scrutinise costs and schedules for maintenance of the common areas.  There’s more – read on!

What concrete things have we achieved in the first four months?

Established the Association
Firstly, we’ve set up the association.  This may seem both obvious and basic, but it has taken a lot of work, and the first four months have been a huge success.  Eve, June, Geoff, Tracy, and Sally have all done a lot of work to get things going.

Working with Chamonix

Secondly, we’ve developed a good working relationship with Chamonix.  The recent meeting at the Highwayman was a success, not only in bringing people together, but also introducing new members to the association.

Roads working group

Thirdly, we’ve started a ‘roads’ working group to discover why it’s taking so long to adopt the roads.  There’s general agreement that parking on the estate could be a lot better, but not a lot of agreement about how this can be done.  Whilst they’re not in our area, the speed humps in Little Brooks Lane cause us a lot of grief.  The question of responsibility for road maintenance and improvement is not straightforward, but once we have a clear picture, we hope to bring pressure to bear in order to get this issue sorted.

Designation of Local Green Spaces

Fourthly, we’ve sent formal representation to the Council to have the two green areas – ‘Little Brooks Green’ near Sherring Road and the larger green area to the east of Starling Way – formally designated as a ‘Local Green Space’, and have received an encouraging reply from Cllr Matt Harrison:

“We have identified the exact two areas you refer to as needing identification and protection; as you rightly identify, they are currently vulnerable. Your letter and Resident’s Association’s input will be very valuable as supporting evidence for us to have them classified as LGSs.”

There is already outline consent on one area, and we need to do all we can to preserve these open spaces from final planning consent in what is already a high-density housing estate. If we can achieve designation, this will go a long way to preventing them being built on.

Wessex Water

Fifthly, Mike alerted us to a possible discount, and we have confirmed with Wessex Water that because surface water from our properties goes to a soakaway and isn’t returned to the drains, we are entitled to a 5% discount on our water bills.  This has to be applied for by individual households, and details are on our website:

Sponsorship from NASS

Finally, we have had conversations with the NASS Festival organisers, who have offered some sponsorship for a social / community event next summer on the estate.  We’re not party organisers, but something aligned with the Collett Park Festival would be welcomed.  If anyone would like to volunteer to take this forward, we’re open for suggestions!


£5 subscriptions per property are still due from a very small number of members – payments can be made by BACS to Lloyds Bank, Account no: 51840260  Sort code: 30-90-09, but PLEASE put your address as the BACS reference or email us if you’re paying by BACS so that we know who the payment is from!!  Membership is more important than money, but the subscription confirms membership! 


Date for the AGM

Only four months!  It’s quite remarkable what can be achieved in such a short time.  The date for our Annual General Meeting has been fixed for Thursday 26th March next year – a long way off yet, but put the date in your diary! 

Committee and Contact

You don’t have to wait for the AGM to raise an issue:  the committee members are listed below.

With every good wish



Richard, 28 Clarks Meadow – Chairman

Eve, 14 Clarks Meadow – Secretary

Geoff, 44 Clarks Meadow – Treasurer

June, 2 Poppy Path – Membership Secretary

Sally,  - Data Protection and Roads

Tracy, 2 Poppy Path - Roads