Bristol Water Rebate

Several of our members have successfully applied for a rebate on his water bill because surface water from Phase 7 properties goes to a soakaway tank rather than being returned to a mains sewer. 

Bristol Water (0345 600 3 600) will send you an application form if you ring them. 

This information is passed on without prejudice in the hope that it will be helpful.  We make no claim to be experts!

The Residents' Association Committee have written to town councillors asking for the Green Spaces in the Estate to be added to the Town Plan as 'Protected Spaces' as part of the planning framework.  The letter is below:


 Screenshot 2019 10 19 at 160248

Read about Chamonix and our maintenance bill here
Download a copy of the House of Commons Briefing Paper
'Freehold Houses: Estate Charges' here
Download a PDF copy of our Constitution here
Download the Memorandum and Articles of Association here
Download our application form here

Working Groups 
We are setting up the following working groups
to look at issues raised by members:

Estate Charges and Common Areas
Roads Adoption and Maintenance