Save Our Beautiful Tadley Green Spaces

Green Spaces 2020 03 04 at 152851

We have identified the areas marked in green as potentially at risk of development 

Did you know?
All areas marked in green could potentially be built on over the next few years, reducing your enjoyment of your local environment.


 But there is a way to protect them via the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Planning Committee need to hear from you.

To protect these spaces they need evidence that local residents use these areas and do not want them built on. All it takes is a short email from as many individuals as possible to say how you use these spaces e.g. recreation, walking, running, dog-walking, your children’s play.

If you care about the green spaces around your home, please email Alice Archer, secretary to the Neighbourhood Plan Committee

You need to say which green space(s) you’d like to see saved and how you use them and include your name and address.

Please send your email as soon as you can.

The Neighbourhood Plan will go out to consultation soon and then all residents will be asked to take part in a referendum on it. If you want your green spaces saved, you need to write now. The emails we send to Alice are the evidence the Neighbourhood Plan Committee need to protect our green spaces for us*.

Please - do it now…email Alice Archer

 * Local Green Space designation is not dependent on who owns the land. Whether privately or publicly owned, it can still be protected.

Local Green Space designation protects the land in a way that makes it almost impossible for

developers to get planning permission for it.