Shepton Mallet (Phase 7) Residents Association
Somerset, UK.

Residents win the right to
manage their own common areas. 
15th October 2021

Phase7 map


The properties in Phase 7. 
The Green Shaded Areas are those common areas maintained by Chamonix 
The Blue Shaded Area is maintained by Thorner Homes


Residents in Shepton Mallet’s Tadley Acres estate have won a two-year fight to remove Bloor Homes from control of their estate management company and appoint their own resident directors. 

The estate management company was set up in 2014 as a condition of planning consent by Mendip District Council.  It not only manages the community spaces in Phase 7 - open spaces, grass, and parking areas - but is also responsible for charging residents for the costs, and for maintaining standards and covenants.    

Bloor Homes appointed the sole director when the company was formed. All owners of Phase 7 properties were required to be members of the company and to pay potentially unlimited costs. 

The developer should have stood down in 2018 after the final property had been sold. However, Bloor refused to give up control, and without resident directors, there was no cap on residents’ bills and no effective scrutiny of standards or contracts.  Bloor had appointed Chamonix Estates as ‘Agent’ but allowed them to run the company, giving Chamonix power to set both the fees and the standards.  It was a classic ‘Fleecehold’ situation.    

So in July 2019, a group of residents formed a residents' association and began to fight for control of their company.     

Because Mendip District and Shepton Town Councillors continued to reject requests for help, the only way forward was to seek legal advice. Local Solicitors Chubb Bulleid stepped in to offer valuable assistance. With legal support, the residents’ group contacted every property owner in Phase 7 and forced Bloor Homes to call a Company Meeting at which residents put forward a resolution to appoint their own directors.  


Local resident Eve Swallow, who started the campaign, said: ‘Despite the lack of help from Councillors, we won the vote, the Bloor director stood down, and five local residents were appointed as directors. We now have control of our estate management company.’     

Now that residents in Phase 7 have gained control, standards can be properly monitored, local contractors can be appointed, and best value contracts can be put in place.  The group are encouraging the rest of the Tadley Acres Estate to establish a full estate Residents Association to improve the maintenance of all the green spaces currently managed by the Council.  

Why not Join us?
The Purpose of the Association:

our interests

We are all members of one community, and together we can have a stronger voice to protect our common interests

our rights

As members of one community, we have the right to 'quiet enjoyment' of our homes. Together, we can exercise those rights.

best value

We pay our management company to care for the common areas of our estate. Together, we can ensure we are getting best value.

issues and concerns

We are all affected by Planning, Traffic, Licencing, Noise, Maintenance Costs. Together, we can voice our concerns.